Privacy is a huge concern today, here is our stance

Media Text USA, LLC ("Media Text USA", "Just Text It") takes privacy very seriously. This document outlines our information practices, including cookies and gathered information. For information concerning our services, please consult our Services Policy.

1. Where Does This Apply?

This privacy statement refers to "we", "us", "our", "Just Text It", and "Media Text USA". This policy covers all of our publicly available websites, platforms, and systems. Some of our websites include,,, and all subdomains within.

2. What Do We Collect?

Media Text USA collects information regarding individuals who simply visit our sites ("Visitors") and individuals who are registered to our services ("Users").

Some general information collected from both Visitors and Users include standard information regarding the browser you are using (type, make, version, lanaguage, etc), and your Internet Protocal Address ("IP Address").

Usage Data & Remote Error Monitoring

Media Text USA collects data from Visitors and Users about which pages they visit, links they click on, and other data concerning their use of the Sites. This data is used to test and improve our Sites. In the event of a bug, error, glitch, or other breakage, our Site will collect information concerning the lead up and immediate proceeding to the error so that we can address the issue.


Media Text USA uses session cookies to identify individuals across their experience within our Sites. these session cookies allow us to identify a logged in user, that the person making a support request is the same one that just experienced an error, and that the same person looked at the FAQ for an extended period of time and may require assistance. Session cookies are required for the service to operate and so we do not follow do-not-track requests for these cookies.

Persistent cookies are currently not used by Media Text USA; however, we may change this in future. Persistent cookies can be used to remember a user was logged in and so go directly to their dashboard rather that prompt them for an additional log in.

Third party cookies

Media Text USA uses third party cookies to support our usage data & remote error monitoring requirements. These cookies are required by the services that we employ to provide those capabilities.

3. What About Security?

Media Text USA is serious about security. We employ robust methods to prevent security breaches; however, we cannot guarantee the security or integrity of the data we have and shall not be liable for breaches of security or integrity, man-in-the-middle interceptions in transit, or damage caused to your hardware or other property by visiting Media Text USA's Sites.

4. Do you share my information?

Media Text USA may provide information to third-parties contracted by us to perform the contracted work. We may provide information to our agents, such as a list of individuals who expressed interest in our services, so that they may contact them and give them the required time and assistance.

Certain information will be shared in accordance to legal requirements. For example, to comply with a judicial instruction, warrented information, or other legal process. We also reserve the right to disclose certain information if we believe that we need to for the public good. (please no bomb threats on our Sites, the paperwork is a nightmare).

If we go through a corporate merger, buy-out or similiar restructoring. The new company can continue to use the information in accordance to this agreement.

5. Will This Agreement Change?

Media Text USA reserves the right to change this policy at any time. We will do our best to announce the change on our website at least 7 days in advance of the change taking effect; however, we are not required to do so.

Contact Us

Media Text USA would be glad to answer any questions you have concerning our privacy policy. you can contact us by calling (888) 377-7808, emailing, or by mailing Media Text USA, 4015 W May, Wichita, KS 67209